What Do You Need at This Moment?

 Have you ever heard the saying, “Have an attitude of gratitude”? Even as I write this, a little voice in the background says, “But it’s so much more fun to complain and moan and point out what’s wrong!” The image of a Pollyanna (someone who always looks on the bright side) is just a little corny for some of us. And yet….what if, just for today I….


     ... tried not to entertain negative thoughts for more than a few seconds...   

Tackling S.A.D.

Whether you’re experiencing frosty windshields, or gray skies, winter can be depressing. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a condition that affects some people during the winter months.They can have a lack of energy, the desire to sleep more, depression, and/or sadness. Besides the obvious mood lifters, like exercise, sunshine, and connecting with nature, there are some other things that seem to help.

&#@ Valentine's Day

Not too long ago I had a friend in school. As Valentine’s Day approached, we agreed that it was a loathsome, over-commercialized holiday.  I gave her a little book that was called I Hate Valentine’s Day, and a few years later sent her a card with the somewhat stronger title of...

Tranquility in the Waiting Room

How lucky am I? This is my second guest blogger in a week. Liz Zdunich writes on finding time for yourself!
 Liz Zdunich Bio:
Liz is a yogini, teacher and coach, GROOVE facilitator and ambassador, nutrition and wellness specialist, blogger, business owner/operator and above all, a wife and mumma of 2. For more inspiration follow her blog,

 Tranquility in the Waiting Room

We have all fallen victim to it...the “I don't have enough time” syndrome. Life gets busy. Family responsibilities call out to you. Work commitments multiply. Self-care takes the back seat. However,

Transitioning at 53 - Not for the Faint of Heart

 In my last blog, Transitions Ahead, I told you about a friend who is planning a female to male (FTM) transition. James G. has kindly agreed to write about his experiences, so here is his first guest blog. Thank you James!


Transitions Ahead



Does it seem that we’re hard-wired to resist change? I’m sure you can think of a time you had to rethink your position on an important matter. Or perhaps it was just a matter of accepting that, in spite of your incredible appetite, your favourite

Coach or Counsellor?

The field of life coaching has been growing since its introduction about 20 years ago.
The other day I came across an article outlining the differences between coaching and counselling. The author’s definition of

The Space Around Emotions


Have you ever heard something that totally changed the way you look at things? Many years ago I took an art class. When I walked in I saw a ladder-backed chair placed high up on a table. The students were

Broken Trust

How can we encourage and maintain respect and trust in a relationship? And, if the worst has already happened, that is, the trust has been broken, how can we regain it? The answers to these questions are one and the same: consistency, kindness, authenticity, and time.


 Think of some emotions that you are uncomfortable expressing…what are they? Are they the so-called positive emotions, like happy, contented, peaceful, or excited?  Are you less likely to verbalize the so-called negative ones like anger, fear, sadness or disappointment?
Many people find it difficult to articulate what they are feeling, and may spend time actively avoiding emotions. Watching TV, listening to music, playing video games, spending time on the computer,


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