Victoria Women's Counselling


Do women require something different from counselling than men do? Some feel that counselling is a female-dominated profession utilized mostly by females. Given that women’s brains process speech and language very differently, it would seem that talk-based therapy would be more appealing to women. A recent study in the UK indicated that women were more likely to seek help for depression and anxiety, and to go to counselling. Cultural norms may be partially responsible, as women and girls are likely encouraged to talk about their feelings more often than men and boys are.

Social work recognizes the link between a person and their environment – how the two are inextricably entwined. Although it seems that today’s women have every opportunity to make the life they want, it is not always easy. Through their workplaces, family relationships and partner relationships; and via their sexuality, spirituality and creativity women can triumph and blossom. They can also be challenged and stifled. I would enjoy helping you explore the areas you wish to change or enhance. 

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