Victoria Trauma Services

Trauma is one of the leading areas in research right now. Scientists who have new ways of looking at the brain have learned so much about how memories are stored and processed for people in vastly different ways. What seems to be the main thrust of recent understanding is that the mind and body are linked in ways that can affect each other. If the mind can be calmed, the body can follow. And, if the body can be calmed, the mind can follow. This is exciting information, and has impacted treatment in profound ways.

Traumatic experiences can affect people for a lifetime. There is a way to work with trauma, however. A counsellor can help people move through the pain, anger, and fear – to a place where healthy and happy living can resume.

How do you know if you’ve been traumatized? Some people bounce back quickly following a traumatic experience, but for others the effects of trauma may linger. You may find yourself feeling anxious, fearful, sad, or angry. Or, you may be experiencing numbness and having a hard time connecting with others. Fatigue, nightmares, digestive problems, tense muscles and backaches, and irritability can also be symptoms.

Caron Smith can help you work through your trauma. Call 250-885-1610 today to ask Caron what she can do for you.

Caron Smith is approved to work as a counsellor for people who are covered by the Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP). If you are a candidate for compensation through CVAP and are seeking a therapist, give Caron a call. Caron can help you navigate the compensation process if you have experienced trauma, violence, or domestic abuse.