Victoria Relationship Counselling Services


What makes a relationship?  Is it common living space, shared time together, or mutual values and desires? Whether it is some, or all, of these things, a relationship requires nurturing. Relationship counselling can help you learn how to safely express your needs in order to have those needs met. Caron can help people learn how to connect with each other in meaningful ways, and can teach effective communication techniques. Together, you can explore what is most important to you, and work towards renewed trust and mutual respect. Relationship counselling isn’t just about romantic relationships - it can also be about the relationship between family members, workmates, and others. In addition, it can be undertaken by one of the people in the relationship.

Caron Smith is a Victoria-based relationship counsellor. With a Master in Social Work degree and over a decade of experience working with people in a professional capacity, she can help you work through your problems.

Caron’s office is conveniently located at Fort and Cook Streets, where you can visit her in person: she can also talk with you on the phone, or on the computer via Skype.

Call Caron now at 250-885-1610, or contact her by email.