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The lack of money is the root of all evil. ~Mark Twain

Most of us would tend to agree with Mark Twain, even though we know he was joking. It’s hard not to believe that money could solve all of our problems. For instance, money can allow us to join fitness clubs, take classes, go on vacations, or buy high quality foods, helping to contribute to our physical, social, and mental health. Studies show, however, that once our basic needs are met, that is, we have enough to eat, we are warm, we are clothed and we have decent lodgings, extra money does not increase our overall happiness.

A story told by a therapist was about a man who had amassed $30,000,000. It’s hard for most of us to imagine that amount of money. Although this individual struggled with coming to terms with his money, and accepting that he had enough, eventually he quit therapy in order to pursue his goal of making $50,000,000, because, THEN he thought he would have enough money.

What is your relationship to money? How does it affect how you relate to others – your spouse, partner, children, parents, or other significant people? Do you find yourself constantly worrying about money, yet being unable to sit down to make a budget? What kind of messages did you get about money from your parents?

The attitudes that we grow up with, and the circumstances of our upbringing can have a profound effect on our feelings about money.

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