Victoria Marriage Counselling Services


Marriage can be wonderful, and it can be difficult. Marriage vows often include the phrase “for better or worse” – when things seem to be heading down the “worse” pathway, what can we do? Ideally, we would be able to tackle issues as they arise: however, merely coping with our everyday lives can seem to reduce the time we have to actually work on our marriage. A marriage counsellor can help sort through your concerns, and help you come together as a team, determining which issues are most pressing, and which are most solvable.

Maya Angelou said, “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” By asking for assistance, you are taking the first step towards getting your marriage back on track.
Caron Smith is a Victoria-based marriage counsellor. With a Master in Social Work degree and ample experience, she can help guide you through your relationship problems.
Caron’s office is in Victoria, BC. She can talk with you on the phone, or on the computer via Skype, if that suits you better.
Call Caron now at 250-885-1610, or contact her by email.

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