Victoria Grief Counselling Services

Caron did this artwork after her sister passed away.
Caron did this artwork after her sister passed away.

Grief can be the garden of compassion ~Rumi~
Grief comes to us all. Whether we are grieving the loss of a person, the loss of ability, the loss of a job, or any of the other losses that can occur in our lifespan, the pain can be debilitating, and can interfere with our enjoyment of life.
When we experience loss, the pain can become trapped in our bodies. By talking about it, looking at it, and feeling it, a person can move into a place of acceptance and learn how to get through the time of intense sorrow.
Are you looking for a caring and supportive environment? Caron’s soothing and relaxing office is a place where you can let down your defenses, and let go. Grief counselling can be very beneficial, and needn’t be long-term. Caron can help you work with your grief to regain your joy and balance.
Call her today at +1 (250) 885-1610 to book an appointment, or go to the contact page to ask any questions you may have.