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Someone once said that most of us lead lives of quiet desperation. When we are plagued with anxiety it may feel like we fall into that category. Social phobias, panic attacks, and generalized fear may influence us to restrict our involvement in everyday activities, leading to less fulfillment and enjoyment. We all want to be happy, and to create rich and interesting lives.
There is hope! Scientific research shows that our brains can be trained to think in new ways. Caron can help you learn relaxation techniques – starting with methods that calm the body and mind.

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, the author of The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret & Science of Happiness, spoke in an interview about his own experience with panic attacks. He says there are three ways of dealing with panic:

1. “If you tell the panic, ‘Get out I don’t like you’, then the panic becomes your enemy and then you cannot get rid of panic.

2. If you say, ‘Yes sir, panic, whatever you say is true’, then panic becomes your boss.

3. The best method is you have to make friendship with panic.” Making friends with panic sounds kind of crazy – and maybe even difficult. Perhaps what he is saying is that it is beneficial to stay close to it, to look at it, and to come to know it well.

The first step can be scary! But Caron will do her best to make you feel comfortable, and cared for. She aspires to be compassionate, and to work with youCaron’s office is in Victoria, BC. She can also talk to you on the phone, or on the computer via Skype.
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