First Nations

Caron is approved to provide counselling services for short term, crisis intervention counselling in circumstances where no other services are available or accessible.

FNHA Health Benefits offers health-related goods and services to any First Nations person who:

  • has a Canadian “Indian Status” number
  • is a resident of British Columbia (as defined by BC’s Medical Service Plan) and having active Medical Service Plan coverage
  • is off reserve
  • is not covered under any other benefits provided by the Federal Government or First Nations organization through self-government or land claims agreements.
  • receives prior approval (Caron will submit the prior approval form on your behalf)


  • INCLUDED are Crisis Intervention Mental Health Program and the Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program (IRS-RHSP)
    • Individual Counselling
    • Family Counselling
    • Healing from Indian Residential School (IRS) experiences
    • Former IRS student
    • Family members of former IRS students (spouse/partner, those raised by or raised in household of IRS student) and any relations who have experienced effects of intergenerational trauma associated with an eligible family member’s time at an IRS
    • Up to 20 one-hour sessions per Prior Approval Form may be covered over a 12-month period


  • NOT included are anger management, psycho-educational testing, chronic issues, therapy for sexually offending behaviour, and life skills counselling.



Please call Caron at 1-250-885-1610 or contact her here.


Together we can request approval and set up an appointment to see if Caron is a good fit for you.