First Nations

Are you looking for a culturally sensitive therapist for individual or relationship counselling? Caron is approved to provide counselling services for short term, crisis intervention counselling in circumstances where no other services are available or accessible. When Caron applies for coverage, most people are accepted for 15-25 sessions.


FNHA (First Nations Health Authority) Health Benefits offers health-related goods and services to any First Nations person who:

·         has a Canadian “Indian Status” number

·         is a resident of British Columbia (as defined by BC’s Medical Service Plan) and having active Medical Service Plan coverage

·         is off reserve

·         is not covered under any other benefits provided by the Federal Government or First Nations organization through self-government or land claims agreements.

·         receives prior approval (Caron will submit the prior approval form on your behalf)


·         INCLUDED are Crisis Intervention Mental Health Program and the Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program (IRS-RHSP)

o    Individual Counselling

o    Family Counselling

o    Healing from Indian Residential School (IRS) experiences

o    Former IRS student

o    Family members of former IRS students (spouse/partner, those raised by or raised in household of IRS student) and any relations who have experienced effects of intergenerational trauma associated with an eligible family member’s time at an IRS

o    Up to 20 one-hour sessions per Prior Approval Form may be covered over a 12-month period


·         NOT included are anger management, psycho-educational testing, chronic issues, therapy for sexually offending behaviour, and life skills counselling.



Please call Caron at 1-250-885-1610 or contact her here.


Together we can request approval and set up an appointment to see if Caron is a good fit for you.