Couples Intensive Weekend

Couples Intensive


Is this you? Unconnected? Lacking the spark that brought you together? Are you interested in couples therapy, but dread the thought of attending week after week? Are you short on time, but strong on willingness to deepen intimacy with your partner? A couples intensive may be right for you!

What Can I Expect in Terms of Time?

The couples intensive program includes one full day, and one morning – held on a weekend.

Two follow-up appointments are offered at no additional expense. You can use the sessions for individual counselling (one each), or for two couples sessions.

In total – 11 hours.

What Will We Do?

Every couples therapy session is unique. While there are certain areas likely to be discussed, there will also be techniques and exercises that are particularly suitable to your relationship.


1.    Interview: Is it a good fit? Meet with me by phone or in person, for a no-obligation 30-minute conversation. If you decide you’re on board – reserve your weekend session! Or, reserve your weekend now, and we will talk when it’s a good time for you.

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2.    Questionnaire: One week before your appointment you will receive a questionnaire by email. The questionnaire evaluates for many different concerns, and will help pinpoint areas of focus.

3.    Intake Forms: You’ll also receive the intake forms by email so that you can fill them out ahead of time. If you’d prefer to wait I will provide you with the intake forms when you arrive for your session.

4.    Family History: A brief history of your family will be taken. Parents, siblings, significant adults in your life (grandparents, aunts/uncles, step-parents) will be talked about. The purpose of this is to evaluate for family patterns and to explore the attachments that have formed to caregivers.

5.    Attachment and differentiation: Learn about attachment and differentiation, and how it impacts our relationships. It has been said that we usually form relationships with the people who will help us work on our “stuff”. As well, people with similar levels of differentiation (the ability to self-define) often come together. Differentiation is the process by which couples learn true independence and interdependence. You can be yourself – AND you can be connected.

6.    The F-Word - Feelings: Examine what feelings do for us, and how to work with them – it’s integral to couples work. Negative feelings often stem from unmet needs. We explore your needs, your dreams, and your hopes for the future.

7.    Sex and Sexuality: I do an assessment of your sexual relationship to determine any areas of concern. You decide how much to reveal in session and your privacy is always respected.

8.    The Brain: What happens to the brain when we’re distressed? What can we do to calm ourselves during a heated discussion? Learn how to stay present during an argument. Explore the use of breathing techniques, mindfulness, code words, and cooperation to help you navigate difficult interactions. A pulse oximeter (a little device you put on your fingertip) may be used to help you track your pulse rate during our session.

9.    Emotional Safety: What contributes to your emotional safety? What detracts from it? We’ll work on a diagram to help you identify the areas that need attention, and the ones that deserve celebration!

10. Initiator-Inquirer Work: Have guided discussions that implement the work you’ve done. Learn how to identify what’s going on inside. Your partner will learn how to ask questions that soothe you, and facilitate open communication. It’s all about connection!

Want to Know More?

Schedule right now for a no-obligation 30-minute phone call. I’ll answer all your questions to see if this weekend event is right for you.


Who Shouldn’t Attend a Couples Intensive?


It would be best to seek individual therapy and support if you are involved in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship, or if you abuse drugs and/or alcohol. It is also not advisable to attend a couples intensive if you are involved in an undisclosed affair, if you are suicidal, or if you have been diagnosed with a current major mental illness.


What’s the Schedule?


Eleven and a half full hours of counselling and instruction – 9.5 on the weekend, and 2 one-hour follow-up appointments


Saturday morning    9:00am – 12:15pm   (with a 15-minute break)

Lunch                      12:15pm – 1:30pm

Saturday afternoon 1:30pm – 5:00pm     (with a 15-minute break)

Saturday evening – Connection Exercise (at Home)

Sunday morning      9:00am – 12:30pm   (with a 15-minute break)



What Else Is Included?

A Gift Certificate for Saturday’s lunch

Organic teas and organic chocolate treats

Two Follow-up Appointments

The Option of Returning for Additional, Deeper Work

Resource Package

The materials I provide you with will reflect the ground we’ve covered in session, with extras thrown in to help you when you’ve returned home. Your package contains these and more!

·         Making Connections

·         Dreams Exercise

·         The Tasks of Couples Developmental Stages

·         Feelings List

·         The Initiator-Inquirer Worksheet – a guideline for productive discussions

·         The Rules to a Remarkable Relationship

·         The Twilight Zone

·         Secure Functioning in Couples

·         The Dual Control Model

·         Circular Sex/Consent

·         Copies of any of the materials we work on together (like Emotional Safety Diagram or your family tree)


What Is Our Investment?

After your 30-minute Consultation reserve your spot. Pay only $499 to choose your weekend, and don’t pay the remaining $599 until you arrive.  E-transfer or credit card payments are gladly accepted.

$1098 for the entire weekend, plus the extra counselling sessions, your comprehensive resource package, and lunch! Choose your weekend right now!



Your deposit of $499 is fully refundable if you cancel your session 30 days or more before the weekend of your choice. Choose your complimentary phone session right now!

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The level of work you can do in intensive sessions can be far and above what can be accomplished in sessions spread out over many weeks. The follow-up sessions give you the chance to clarify and integrate the work you’ve done, with the option to return for additional sessions to deepen the work, if desired.

An investment in your relationship is a wise one!