That Sinking Feeling

Life is like stepping onto a boat which is about to sail out to sea and sink.
~Shunryu Suzuki Roshi.
At first glance this might seem like a rather bleak statement!
If our boat is about to sink, what is the point? It doesn’t feel as if

Birth from Death

I love watching movies. Last week I had the opportunity to watch the documentary Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames. Canadian author, lecturer, and Jungian therapist, Marion Woodman has written extensively on feminine psychology. One of the themes from the movie was that of the intertwining of

Counselling at Home


Recently I had the opportunity to work with a client in her home. She had contacted me due to debilitating fears about flying, her health, and general anxiety. After we talked about some of the concerns she had, we determined that a course of anxiety reduction activities would be beneficial.

Holiday Stress

It seems Halloween is barely past before tinsel and trees appear in department stores, and we are reminded of the annual responsibilities of the winter holiday season. Whether you celebrate the season because of your religious beliefs, or as a time of gift-giving, December can put a strain on your time, money, and energy.

Limiting Ourselves


Have you ever thought about the storylines we tell ourselves about our strengths or capabilities? They may go something like this: I could never do that! I am a loser. I’ll never be successful because I am too… fat/stupid/awkward/shy. Or maybe our storylines are about others: I know exactly what you’re


Enhancing Intimacy

Feelings of intimacy within a relationship can ebb and flow. When we are busy with our work lives, when we have children, or, when we are experiencing health challenges, our connectedness can suffer. This can result in less communication, just when it seems we could be reaching out to one another more. It can also lead to fewer sexual encounters, which can affect our feelings of

Conflict in Relationships: Effective Communication



Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. Whether it’s about seemingly insignificant events like dirty dishes, or whether it’s about more personal issues like how often a couple is intimate,
we won’t always see eye to eye with our partner.   How can we negotiate effectively, so that 

How Can We Deal with Extreme Anxiety?

It’s all well and good to talk about things we can do to contribute to our well-being (see my blog from July 12, 2011), but what can we do when our anxiety has gotten to the point where we feel we have lost control? Panic attacks, and the fear of them, can be debilitating. They have the potential to interfere with many aspects of our lives.
Typically, when panic attacks occur, people try to exercise some control over them. They do this by avoiding the people, places, or events that trigger panic. This strategy can be limiting, due to the fact

How Can We Reduce Anxiety?

      What is anxiety? How can we help reduce the number of anxious or unpleasant events in our lives, or, at least the severity of the anxiety?
Some anxiety is biological in nature – the fight-or-flight response has its origins in the primitive region of our brain. When confronted with something threatening, our body kicks into gear in order to protect us. Sometimes the threats are perceived, rather than actual, and our brain prepares us needlessly. The resultant flooding of our system with hormones and chemicals causes us to have increases in heart rate, perspiration, trembling, and respiration. We can never totally eliminate unpleasant situations in our lives, but we can learn to work with our fear, in order to reduce it, and to cope with it. We can also

Opening Channels


The other day I filled out a questionnaire which was exploring how we respond to a physician, or other medical provider, and what conditions encourage us to be open and forthcoming. For example, if you


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