Vacation Heart

How would you take your vacation heart into everyday life? Send me your ideas, and I'll paint them!




What is Your Forte?

It’s been a couple of years now, but I have never forgotten the comment a health practitioner once made to me. I had just shown up for my monthly massage, and she said, “Caron, I want to thank you for

Little Pockets of Refuge

I don’t read a lot of poetry, but every once in a while I come across a poem that speaks to me. A few months ago I saw this one beautifully framed and displayed in the waiting room of a chiropractor’s office. 

Find Peace with Your Hair

Do you ever hear commercials on TV that make you laugh right out loud? I have to admit I did when I heard the tag line “find peace with your hair!”

My House Feels Empty

My house feels a little empty tonight.
Over the last few days I looked after my friend’s dog, but she went home tonight. While she was here we went for walks a few times a day. I fed her, pet her, talked to her (in that high voice I always seem to use with babies and animals), took pictures of her, and let her sleep on my bed. I tried to teach her some new tricks!
Pets are wonderful companions. I’ve heard it said that petting a cat or a dog can lower your blood

The Birds and the Bees


Clouds of Emotion


 I think this cartoon is a pretty good example of what it means to be an optimist! Yes, it’s still raining, but the rain HAS gotten warmer. Cute.



Along with the rain we receive in Victoria, we also get plenty of sunshine. An hour ago it was pouring – and now as I look out my window, I see blue sky. The clouds that roll in and out

One Crow Sorrow

One crow sorrow,

Two crows joy,

Three crows a letter,

Four crows a boy,

Five crows silver,

Six crows gold,

Snake Bite

 Do you remember those multicolored pictures that used to appear in the comic pages of the newspaper every Sunday?

They were comprised of many shapes and hues which seemed to make no sense. The instructions, as I recall, were to relax your vision so that instead of looking at the surface of the picture, you looked either past it, or in front of it. That relaxation allowed you to suddenly see an image which lurked beneath…it might be dinosaurs, or a face, or a pair of bicycles.
How I struggled with those pictures! I would stare at them for hours, trying to see the hidden shapes. Then a friend, or perhaps my sister, would come along and say, instantly, “Oh wow – a monkey!!”
Similarly, I remember hearing the (sometimes disputed, but revealing) story of how a chemist


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