People Are Basically....


People are basically……

How would you complete this sentence?


Help Me Please!



Help me please!

Is this a phrase you are comfortable saying? Are you able to ask for help?

How Do You Relate to Flowers?


“Let’s get Bobbie flowers,” I suggested to a friend many years ago.

“Oh no, she hates flowers!”


Tapping Works!




Have you heard about tapping? No…I’m not talking about that great rhythmic dance that Cab Calloway was famous for!

I’m talking about Emotional Freedom Technique – also known as tapping.

The mechanics aren’t exactly understood, but by lightly tapping on certain points on the body you

Five Things I'd Like to Try

What a busy time of the year! Even though my kids have long since flown the nest, and I am not caught up in the frenzy of buying multiple gifts, it still seems there is a lot to do. Part of that busyness revolves around friends, celebratory meals, and holiday activities like baking and

Asking Permission



I have written blog posts recently about what role a man might play in the dissolution of an intimate relationship, as well as the role a woman might play. Both of these blog posts talked about heterosexual relationships. What about same-sex marriages or relationships? Do they struggle with very similar concerns? Or are there differences?

Is Lying Justifiable in Some Situations?


I’m not Dan Savage’s biggest fan, and yet there’s something about him that is so raw and honest, well, I just have to respect him. He recently gave some advice to a woman

Educating Women

                                    ***Video Warning - Graphic violence***

Malala Yousufzai, age 14, was shot and critically wounded by the Taliban in Pakistan, as she defied convention by going to one of the last remaining schools that educates girls.

Prior to the shooting Malala had been quoted as saying, “All I want is education. And I am afraid


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