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Have you ever had an amazing new person pop into your life? One who shakes your world up,

Is Life Today Harder?

Is it tougher to make a go of it in a relationship in the 21st century? Were life and meaningful connections simpler in the past?

Depression: Taking the Risk



How can we tell the difference between just being sad, and being depressed?

How Do You Want to be Remembered?


ep·i·taph noun \ˈe-pə-ˌtaf\

: something written or said in memory of a dead person; especially : words written on a gravestone



As an exercise for getting in touch with your personal goals, and what you value about your life, try this:

take a few moments to picture what you would like to have as your epitaph.

When I’ve asked others what they would like to see on their tombstone or niche, they have said things like:

Do You Get Angry?


Do you get angry?  

I read recently that the Dalai Lama was asked if he ever got angry, and he said, “Of course! Things happen that I don’t want to happen and anger arises. But, it’s not a problem.”  I don’t know about you, but I often feel that anger IS a problem. So what is it about the Dalai Lama’s

3 Things You Need to Keep Your Relationship Together

Shouldn’t marriage counselling keep couples together? I’ve been thinking about this lately, because a

Hitting Bottom


A Buddhist was falling towards earth strapped into a parachute.

His teacher asked, “Do you want the good news or the bad news?”

“The bad news,” he said.

I'm Having the Thought That......


When was the last time you challenged yourself? I mean did something totally out of your comfort zone?

Challenging our fears, our long-standing cherished beliefs, our anger, or our sadness can shake us up. It can also bring relief.

One of the things I have been learning lately through ACT (Acceptance and

10 Tips from the Experts - How to Make Your Relationship Better



After three full days of workshops and speeches my head was swimming with new information. I had just finished attending the Milton H. Erikson Foundation sponsored Couples Conference and was eager to share what each and every person had imparted to me. I now realize that this would mean about 10 different blog posts…so here are my top ten revelations together in one post. In no particular order, these are some of the exciting gems from leaders in the field of couples therapy.


1. Michele Weiner-Davis - "Don’t be a friend". When couples come to a therapist they do

The Key to Working With Emotions


I’ve just returned from The Couples Conference in Manhattan Beach, California. Wow! It’s always exciting to learn new things, and the conference was jam-packed with excellent speakers and informative workshops. Five hundred people attended. The best part of this is that I can share the latest techniques and information with you!

Where do I start? I went to sessions  called The Language of Intimacy, Connecting with a Difficult Partner, Couples Therapy with One Spouse, The New Rules of Marriage, 10 


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