Mental Health Week and 2 Simple Tips

May 4th to May 10th is the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Week. There are so many things we can do to contribute to our mental health, and so many exciting avenues being explored by researchers and scientists. Every day it seems that discoveries are being made about the ways we can alter our brains, our thoughts, and ultimately our lives.

What Makes You the Expert?

When you go to a counsellor you may be asking yourself, “What makes this person the expert?”  You may also wonder, “How can I trust a stranger to give me advice?” Or, “How can they know what it’s like to live my life?”

Sunshine Makes Me Feel Happy

It’s wonderful to see the sun today! As we near the end of January, and a rather gloomy few weeks in Victoria, B.C., I’m only too aware of my need for sunshine.




Have you been surprised by a change of plans?

Before reading ahead, think back to a time when your plans were changed either by someone else, or by circumstances. Picture it in detail, how you felt, what you thought, what you said, and who might have been around at the time.              


The 7 Kinds of Hunger



It’s time to celebrate the harvest, and I’m lucky enough to be sharing Thanksgiving with some family members:  although we have opted to have salmon in place of the traditional turkey, I know I will be eating, most likely, a

How to Work as a Team


When couples go for relationship counselling, one of the things they often mention is that they no longer feel the closeness they used to feel, and that they don’t feel they are a team anymore. Rather, they feel like two separate people living parallel lives.

The Way to Happiness


I’ve heard it said that the way to happiness is to do something for someone else. To celebrate my new Fernwood location I decided to have a contest – the prize being a bunch of chocolate from Bernard Callebaut.

Crime Victims* Assistance Program




Did you know that there is financial assistance available to people who have survived a violent crime, for their immediate family members, or for witnesses to a crime? The Crime Victims Assistance Program is a wonderful program offers help with the financial costs associated with physical or emotional harm.

A Moving Experience



I’ve moved!

And I’m excited about it.

Recently I moved my counselling practice from the office where I had been for a couple of years. Maybe it was when they installed the pointy iron fence around the courtyard that the space began to feel confining and forbidding. Or, maybe it was just time to go! In any case, it is said that a change is as good as a rest – and I am resting comfortably in Fernwood. 

My inaugural day at 1288 was one to remember! Nearby filming for a new TV series called


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