Show Up for Yourself!


Jan described to me the other day how she and a friend had stopped to admire a piece of art that was on display. A woman nearby observed them, and commented that she would love to paint like that, but didn’t have the confidence. There was an art class coming up, and although she longed to enroll in it, she repeated several times that she wasn’t good enough, and that she lacked the necessary skills. Jan finally turned to her and said if she really wanted to do it she should “show up for herself!”
I was raised in an era that spouted maxims like “don’t be full of yourself; pride comes before a fall; and, don’t toot your own horn”. Believing in one’s talents and powers can be viewed as a radical concept – it’s almost unthinkable that we should be our own cheerleaders and players combined. And yet, if we are to honour our own courage and vision, it is important that we believe in ourselves. So, say yes the next time life presents you with an exciting opportunity. Show up for yourself!

Are We in a Hurry?

One day I was driving along the city streets with a sense of impatience. As the traffic light turned yellow I complained. My niece turned to me and asked, “Are we in a hurry?”

Your Heart

 I put this sign outside the clinic today.  It seems to me that we often devote time to the external things in our lives, like wearing new clothes, getting our hair done, and working out in order to have a trim body. These things are fine, and may be evidence of the ways in which we look after ourselves; however, it may be easy for us to forget about looking within. To look within one’s heart takes courage; sometimes it can help to have a friend along for the journey.


I’ve been thinking about tears lately. Most of us cry from time to time. If we happen to cry in the presence of others, one of the first things that may be said is, “Don’t cry.”

People say this with kindness - after all, they don’t want you to be in pain. This may be why some of us cry privately. I had the privilege of seeing a healer who told me, “Tears are welcomed here.” Allowing another person to cry freely is a wonderful gift.  


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