Pressing the Reset Button

I used to watch a sitcom called The I.T. Crowd that featured a couple of techno-geeks who were managed by their boss in the small basement office of a corporation with many employees. When someone would phone for assistance with their computers, the running gag was,

Making Room for Feelings

It’s not unusual for us to try to deal with our feelings in ways that aren’t helpful.

Broadly speaking, there seem to be three ways to try to cope:

Got Patience?


I found myself in the position of waiting for something over the last two weeks. It can be difficult to wait with grace – which is pretty much how I see patience I guess.

In the past, some of the characteristics of impatience that I’ve noticed are one’s tendency to be:

Let the Healing Begin!


Two recent presentations aired by PESI (a non-protfit education group) gave me some great information, and got me thinking again about the importance of couples work and its connection with Attachment Theory and the brain!


Bessel van der Kolk and Dan Siegel talked about trauma and attachment. What does this have to do with couples? Well, in some couples one or both of the partners has had



Most of us have had the feeling that we’re stuck in the same old rut. Whether it’s our usual Friday night dinner (pizza again?) or the conversation we’ve had a hundred times before (I TOLD you to please clean up after yourself!) or even our own repetitive thoughts (how

The Personal Bill of Commitment


It’s a Monday morning and you’ve just shown up for work. Your boss stops you at the door and says, “Good morning! I just want to let you know that you’re not needed today!”

“But, I’ve prepared for the day, I’ve studied the material we agreed upon, and I’m ready!”

Want a New Experience? Try an S.A.D. Light



Are you interested in trying Light Therapy?


Call me at 250-885-1610 for a no-obligation opportunity to try an S.A.D. light!

Also, check out my previous post on other ways to work with the Winter Blues.

Follow this link for Other Ideas for Tackling S.A.D.


Feelings Are Like Stars

Fear, anxiety, sadness – we’ve all experienced these and other so-called negative emotions. When it comes right down to it, we don’t want to have them. We want to be happy, excited, and peaceful.

The funny thing is that feelings are like stars...

What's Your Attachment Style?

Have you heard about Attachment Theory?

To learn about attachment, Rhesus monkeys were studied by Harry F. Harlow in the 50s. The ethics of these studies have been questioned by many. Harlow isolated monkeys, and “raised” them with cloth or wire mother figures to determine how the baby monkeys fared.


Not surprisingly, they developed into fearful, unhappy, maladjusted creatures who had trouble relating to other monkeys, being good parents themselves, or even mating. Human beings, primates, and no doubt other animals, require stable, attentive, caring parents or attachment figures in order to develop emotionally healthy lives.Humans form attachments to

Out, Damned Thought!



We’ve all had them – those nights when we toss and turn, unable to forget the angry email from a friend, the thoughtless remark made by a stranger on the street, or the challenging comment made by a loved one. Round and round and round the phrases go – we nurture and stroke them, replaying them with flair. We dream up the perfect comebacks. Sadly, those imagined conversations are not satisfying, and are often upsetting, annoying and repetitive.

So what to do?


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