What Do You Want to Know About Sex?

How do YOU talk about sex? Or, maybe I should ask, DO you talk about sex? It’s a topic that interests many of us, yet cultural, emotional, or religious taboos may prevent us from speaking openly about sex, even with our partners (if we have them).

Do you have a question about sex that you’d like to have answered? Here’s your chance!

Over the next 12 weeks I am taking part in an online pilot program with Martha Kauppi,  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LFMT) and certified sex therapist. She is leading a group of 20 counsellors, teaching us how to comfortably engage in conversations about sex with our clients.

Some of the topics that I am interested in exploring are:

Desire differences in people – the level of desire for each person can be different from the beginning of a relationship (and is likely to be, given that there are unique people involved), or, it can shift during a relationship due to many factors.

How to rekindle desire – what can people do to spark their interest in sex, for their own enjoyment, and for that of others.

Rolling Consent – this is something new I learned in the first class. Consent can be given, or withdrawn, at any point leading up to, or during, sexual activity. What this means is that you can be assured that your partner is willing to go ahead with sex, because you know that their consent is given freely. Conversely, you also know that they are not doing anything they are uncomfortable with, or that they have changed their mind about, because they will tell you. The flip-side of being able to say no is being able to say YES!

This blog post is really an introduction more than anything.  So, back to my original question – Is there something you’d like to ask about sex? I have Martha Kauppi as a resource for the next few months – plus the great minds of numerous other therapists.

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No identifying names, email addresses or nicknames will be attached to your questions, unless you want them to.

So, ask away. Do you have a question related to or about sex?