Got Patience?


I found myself in the position of waiting for something over the last two weeks. It can be difficult to wait with grace – which is pretty much how I see patience I guess.

In the past, some of the characteristics of impatience that I’ve noticed are one’s tendency to be:

  • short tempered
  • distracted
  • sad
  • demanding
  • numb
  • pleading
  • angry
  • placating
  • sleepless
  • spaced out

What’s your technique for cultivating patience? Do you ignore it, work at it, fight with it?

This might be one way of dealing with impatience.​


I’m just now reminded of the Seinfeld episode where George’s dad is hollering, "Serenity Now!" Yelling “Patience Now” would be about as successful, that is, not at all.

Author Barbara Johnson said, “Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.” Naturally, there are some situations that try our patience with a far greater force than others. The things that frustrate the heck out of you may not ruffle me at all. And vice versa. Knowing what does get your goat (as my mom used to say!) will likely help you to work with your frustration level, so that you are able to be more patient. What is it that makes me impatient, and can I feel impatience while acknowledging the difficulty I have with it?

Marshall Rosenberg, the author of Non-Violent Communication says that we are likely to feel the so-called negative feelings when our needs aren’t being met. So, the next time you find your patience being challenged, ask yourself, “What do I need right now to take good care of myself?” Being observers of our habits and patterns often helps us to work with them in ways that are beneficial to ourselves, and to others.